Our Range

Standard packaging

The format and design of our standard packaging is standardised and made of corrugated cardboard or solid board. All packaging is available in various designs, including storage boxes, folding boxes and archive card boxes, and also in many different formats, e.g. DIN A4, folio, DIN A3 or newspaper format.


Standard packaging in the format of your choice

We provide the packaging and you choose the format you require. Your advantage here is the absolute flexibility of our standard products that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. On request, we can also provide you with our book measuring device so you can send us precise measurements.

For requirements please write at box@zfb.com


Customised packaging

Archived goods are unique items. Here, we also supply our protective packaging with customised designs made of corrugated cardboard that are adapted to the dimensions of the objects you would like to package.Customised packaging is available in a variety of cardboard thicknesses and packaging sizes, also with precisely dimensioned inlays or attachment elements. They can be manufactured as individual pieces, in small series or in larger series.


Modular packaging: FoxBox® archive box & archiving system

The FoxBox®, a two-part slide box, is a clever solution for storing files, books, archive objects and single sheets. The FoxBox® can be used to store archive media on shelves. It can also be expanded into a complete shelf system without extra shelves.

 We offer various accessories for structured archiving. Label, identify and organise archive packaging, folders and shelves using self-adhesive labels and viewing windows. Packaging made of acid-free and alkaline unbuffered materials that have passed the PAT according to to ISO 18916 are suitable for safe archiving of photo materials.


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