Our own development for gentle and deeply effective deacidification of paper


How effective is the ZFB:2 process?

Deacidification deep into the paper! By means of SEM/EDX analysis**, we have
proven that the ZFB:2 process deacidifies deep into the core of the paper.
By combining these two methods of analysis, space resolved element mapping images can be created.

Since the ZFB:2 process is a fluid dispersion process – meaning that tiny particles
of the deacidifying agent float within the treatment fluid – it has been
important for us to prove the deep penetration!

A successful deacidification process requires deep penetration of the deacidifying
agent into the core of the paper. This is the only way to guaranty that the paper will be long term protected.

With our verification by analysis, we take it one step further than the proof of quality
that is required by the DIN recommendations*. The demonstrability of deep penetration by
means of SEM/EDX** analysis does not yet form a component of the DIN recommendations.

The illustration clarifies the deep penetration of ZFB:2 deacidification

An even distribution of the deacidifying agent can be recognized throughout
the entire core of the paper. The intensive turquoise coloration shows the proportion
of the deacidifying agent. Therefore, the deterioration of the paper
has been stopped – not only on the surface, but also deep in the core.

* DIN Recommendations: Conservation in Archives and Libraries, Hofmann, Rainer/Wiesner, Hans-Jörg, Beuth-Verlag.

** SEM stands for Scanning Electron Microscopy. EDX stands for Energy Dispersive XRay Spectroscopy.